Victoria Cross Road SHD

Strategic Housing Development

The Former Finbarr Galvin Motor Dealership, Fronting on to Victoria Cross Road and Orchard Road, Bishopstown, Cork

Bellmount Developments Limited is applying for permission for a strategic housing development at The Former Finbarr Galvin Motor Dealership, Fronting on to Victoria Cross Road and Orchard Road, Bishopstown, Cork.

The site, which is 0.29 hectares in area, is located towards the northern end of Wilton Road, approximately 900m to the west of University College Cork and 2.1km from Cork City Centre. The 2022 Cork City Development Plan includes the specific zoning objective: ZO 1. This objective is to protect and provide for residential uses and amenities, local services and community, institutional, educational and civic uses. The proposed development will ensure the provision of a student accommodation development. In line with the objectives of the 2022 Cork City Development Plan, the proposed development, which qualifies as a Strategic Housing Development (SHD) under the provision of the new Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Act 2016, comprises:

  • The demolition of existing structures on site; and
  • The construction of 78 no. student accommodation apartments (ranging in size from single bed studio apartments to 8-bed apartments) comprising a total of 206 no. bed spaces in 1 no. 6 storey block;
  • Student amenity facilities including a study area, games room, lounge space, laundry room and server/ICT room;
  • The provision of landscaping and amenity areas including a courtyard space (including modifications to the external amenity area of the student accommodation scheme permitted under An Bord Pleanála Ref. ABP-306714-20), 1 no. rooftop terrace and a riverfront amenity incorporating a pedestrian and cycle path accessing onto Ashbrook Heights and Orchard Road;
  • The provision of a set down area, 1 no. access point (for emergency vehicles only), footpaths and repositioned pedestrian crossing and associated tactile paving on Orchard Road;
  • The provision of a new junction build out at the junction of Orchard Road and Victoria Cross Road;
  • The provision of footpaths and landscaped areas along Victoria Cross Road; and
  • All associated ancillary development including pedestrian/cyclist facilities, lighting, drainage, boundary treatments, bin and bicycle storage and plant at ground and roof top levels.


A Natura Impact Statement has been prepared in respect of the proposed development and accompanies this application.